Like a symphony of crystal bowls, Orchestra bells, Vibraharp, Marimba and Quartz Crystals dance with the lapping bubbling songs of water in a magical flow of sound.

Pure acoustic instruments, no keyboards or synthesizes used.

The Music of Water

Water is said to represent rejuvenation, healing and cleansing. The strongest and most yielding of the elements, it acts as a carrier of vibration. In this music these qualities of water are combined with techniques of sound healing and Reiki energy to encourage a state of equilibrium and clearing in the physical body and it’s energy field. It is perfect for relaxation, healing work, yoga, as a sleep aid and for meditation.

“Layer upon layer of delicate sound weaving magic patterns of consciousness, drops of oceans dance through a river of song. Gentle lapping water sprites singing melodies of the earth, ancient stories told in the rain, melting the dams, releasing the river of love. Cooling cleansing and clearing, water, rhythm of the soul.”

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