A Window into the Secret World of Michael Moon

I recall as a baby feeling great peace seeing sunlight shining through delicate green leaves. I have a photograph my Mother took of me as a small boy on the ground gazing intently at wildflowers, marveling at the intricate details. This she says was how she saw me most often. At age seven I was given a camera and I loved photographing the patterns I was seeing. I remember stating I wanted to become a photographer for National Geographic Magazine when I grew up. Many things intervened and it wasn’t until 2007, at the encouragement of a friend, I spontaneously got a digital camera. It was a revelation! It gave me the ability to express some of the magic I experience alone in Nature. Until I got a camera those close to me would often be frustrated as I ‘disappeared’ into Nature. Photography has given me a wonderful way to be able to share the ecstasy and peace I feel when I experience the light and patterns of the natural world.

The pictures you find below are a small selection of my library of photos available. The first are set of greeting cards that can be purchased. They are all also available as posters, canvases or Giclee archival prints in whatever size you want. Digital versions are available for book covers, magazines, digital wallpaper and more. Inquire for use.

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