Astrology with Michael Moon

In the spring of 1989, a few days after I realized I was to create music, I had my first astrology reading. The astrologer told me that though music was certainly in my chart I would likely also become an astrologer. She went on to share information that opened me to parts of my psyche that I had been completely unaware of but became an important part of my healing journey. The power of this knowledge about myself led me into a passionate study of astrology which indeed in the end fulfilled her prediction.

Once I started giving astrology readings, to my wonder, I found I was able to connect deeply to other people indirectly through the math, geometry and symbols of Astrology. This appealed to my innate autistic sensibilities and has become an indispensable tool for me.

My passion is to help you create your best possible future and better understand your life’s journey by aligning with natures cycles.

Have you been confused, wondering why you are here, what your meant to be doing? Why you keep attracting certain circumstances and relationships in your life? Do you wonder whether it is the best time to start that business or just wait? Is it time to push ahead or just surrender?

Together we can answer such questions by exploring your astrological chart, your personal map to life. Astrology is not sun sign predictions in the newspaper, it is a deeply powerful tool for self-understanding. My passion is in helping you connect to why you are here, your special lessons and unique gifts and how to work with life to become the best you you can be.

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‘I have had many astrology readings before but none went this deep. Michael didn’t just read my chart he read my soul’

Natalie McLellan

‘Wow I really feel we understand each other so much better now. We accept each other more and know how to work with our differences. You might have just saved our marriage, thank you!’


Workshops teaching Astrology

I offer a variety of workshops teaching the basics of astrology and how to work with the natural cycles. Guiding you to recognize and understand the natural cycles of the earth and cosmos and how they can be a very personal tool to guide and teach us in our lives. Astrology is not just a tool of predicting the future but a map that gives us a window to our deepest levels of being, why we’re here and what the greatest challenges and lessons we came here to learn are. And most importantly gives us clues as to how we can most easily learn these lessons and the timing of them so as we can enjoy the process rather than fight it. Imagine knowing a certain lesson is coming up and being able to study and prepare so when the time comes you’re ready to have it help you rather than be a hindrance. What in traditional astrology would have been a bad time becomes a special one of growth and transformation creating a conscious spiritual journey in harmony with the natural world. Here we are to co-creating our future rather than being subject to it.

Have Michael Moon make your next party or event a truly magical experience.

I can provide your guests with top quality astrology sessions in as little as 7-minute segments. Reading continuously throughout your event, I can give a large number of guests a fun and useful hands-on taste of the cosmic. I add to my astrological knowledge my skill as an entertainer, dressing in wizard robes or sparkling costumes, while being very personable and friendly. Distinguished black and white, or plain dress available as well. I am also able to provide fun and informative Tarot readings.

Healing CDs composed for you, based on the planets at your birth.

I compose unique healing songs and music designed to align you with your destiny as seen in your astrology chart. This magical tool is uniquely your own and will be with you forever.

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