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I have been obsessed with nature and quietude since a child. Though labeled Autistic and sent to special schools and classes I was unaware of all this and dealt with my sensitivity and difficulty connecting by exploring and disappearing into every nook and cranny of local forests communicating instead with the trees, rivers and creatures of the forest. The inner world of mystical, emotional and creative landscapes was more alive and safe than the ‘normal’ world, which I really did not understand at all. It all seemed unfair, harsh and full of noise. The technicolor realm I created inside to sooth myself from what felt like a painfully harsh world, though not immediately conducive to real world functioning, gave birth to a deep need to create, both to sooth my intense sensitivity and to communicate my inner experience. Music became my favorite medium alongside photography, astrology and the esoteric and healing arts. All of which express to me a different dimension of my inner experience of connection with nature and something else beyond.

The first part of my life I struggled not only with Autism but chronic health issues and traumatic family events, which left me in a very difficult place. But during this time I would always hear music inside which I found very soothing and I loved building on it and changing it in my head, composing and conducting a magical inner symphony. Outside in the real world music was not a part of my life at all. I was into math and sciences. Then one day in the depth of physical disability I was listening to this inner music and an inner voice as clear as day told me I am here to create this music and I should dedicate my life to this task; it would help heal me and ultimately help others to heal and reconnect to nature and spirit. This was so shocking and so strong I just listened and never looked back. Within months I had learned the basics of music. I never returned to University to finish my Architecture degree and instead began a lifelong journey creating The Temple of Sound. A sonic space one could go for healing, encapsulated into a CD. A musical space echoing the soothing inner landscape I create inside to sooth myself. Indeed this music has now become a powerful gateway to my own healing. I use the music I’ve created everyday as a tool to self-sooth and grow. Each CD I create also takes me on a deep healing journey of its own expanding me in ways that never seemed possible.

I have since studied with many Shamans, healers and musicians from around the world passionately imbibing all the mystical and healing dimensions of sound I could find. Many of the best lessons I have learned though, have come directly from nature and my own inner voice.

I am so grateful to now see this music so widely used and honored around the world to help others on their healing journey. It has won numerous awards* and is found in yoga studios, healing centers, hospitals and homes. I have heard so many heartfelt healing stories from people using the music. It seems every time I doubt the difficult journey I find myself on, another unsolicited email comes in sharing a beautiful healing story. I hear about my music being; played for children being born; used to help restless kids relax in kindergarten quiet time; used to sooth panicking autistic teenagers who were violently stimming to immediately calm down; used in so many healing practices as the only music that aligns with the practitioners healing; a favorite among many yoga and meditation instructors especially for restorative practices; played for the elderly struggling in excruciating pain in palliative care to finally let go and die peacefully… The list goes on and touches me deeply.

This music has expanded over the years to include many genres. From instrumental healing sounds through to mystical folk and inspiring cosmic dance music filled with poetic expressions of my healing journey. All the music, no matter what the style, is created with the same care and intention to be an integral part of the healing journey.

Before I let you go and explore all the fun stuff on this site, I must take a moment to touch upon my photography and Astrology work. Both of which, to me, embody the same healing principles and journey as the music. Photography was my first means to communicate the profound connection to nature I was experiencing behind the wall of Autism and continues to be a natural expression that I can’t help but do. Astrology began for me at the same time the music came in. As previously mentioned I was into science and math at the time, so if music seemed useless then Astrology seemed impossible. Something opened up for me though and the ability to connect deeply to another person through patterns and mathematics without the need for small talk suited my unique way of thinking perfectly. Over the years I studied it obsessively, deepening my understanding and testing its validity. It has become an invaluable tool to help myself and others connect to their souls journey on this Earth and deepen our connection to our place in the nature of things.

I am so grateful to have found these ways to communicate my inner world and see that my struggle and trust in the journey has resulted in these gifts to help so many. My hope is that something here will help you in some way as well.

Blessings, Michael Moon.

* ‘Earth Alignment’ and ‘Earth Song’ both received 1st place COVR (International trade organization for the New Age community) Visionary Awards. ‘Earth Alignment’ first place for Healing Music ‘Earth Song’ first for Visionary music and Michael Moon won first place for overall music of the year 2015! The CDs Earth Healing, Deep Song and Deep Peace all received COVR awards (likened to the New Age Grammy’s) in previous years. Michael’s Song “Wake up the World” won a Tipperary International Song of Peace award in 2003 and ‘Trying to get through to You’ was awarded and chosen as a feature song in ‘Harmonizing for Humanities’ Autism awareness campaign and CD.

'A fresh musical flavour...the cutting edge of the genre'

Don Campbell, author The Mozart Effect, Harmony of Health

'The perfect background for massage and meditation.'

Massage Therapy Journal

'You can feel the tension melting away as the notes resound'

New Age Voice Magazine

'Exceptional for healing therapies'

CD review, Light of Consciousness magazine

'Your music is a life-line for me!'

L.T. caregiver of autistic children

'What bliss you are giving me and my students. Such heavenly sounds'

Bea, Yoga Teacher

'I’m crying because this is the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard'

  kindergarten student in special needs class

'Michael’s music is sublime, it is truly healing'

Marilyn Gang, President Toronto Dowsers

'Your music is pure magic'

Rosemary Gardiner

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  • Meditative healing music performances for yoga studios, house concerts and spas
  • Sound Healing Journeys for small groups and individuals
  • Uplifting, ecstatic, cosmic dance music for festivals, concerts, and parties
  • One on one Astrology consultations
  • Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry mini readings as entertainment with substance, for corporate events and parties
  • One on one healing sessions with sound and hands on healing modalities
  • Workshops on the Healing Power of sound
  • Workshops on Astrology and how to work with the natural cycles of the earth and planets
  • Personal Healing CD’s based on your Astrology chart

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For an interesting window into my background and creative life check out this video I did for a university funded project on autism and the creative arts.

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