Award Winning Music

Michael is Joined by:
Criss Gartner: Bass
Laura Nashman: Flute
Beau Lukes: Percusion
Steve Kaposey: Dumbec
Jenn Howey: Harmony Vx
Ruth Finley: Harmony Vx
Parvati: Harmony Vx

Deep Song

In the tradition of the troubadours, these songs praising love, spirit & nature take you on an alchemical journey home to your heart. Marimba, vibes, hammered dulcimer, flute, lute guitar, cello, & exotic percussion weave a sonic tapestry of healing sounds. Masculine & feminine voices blend in poignant poetry, mystic longing & delicate beauty infusing this music with magic that awakens the heart.

Songs of the Mystical path taking you on an entertaining healing journey to Inner Peace.


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