The Healing Music of

Michael Moon

Welcome to my music.

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Important Notice

My ccnow credit card processing to order CDs is not working. You can still purchase the albums as downloads through the links on each album page. If you want CDs simply send me an email we can work out an etransfer and I’ll personally send them to you. Here is the link to contact me


I use CCNOW as my secure shopping cart and credit card processor. It is safe and reliable.

I am an independent artist and each CD sale helps me to create more music.

These CDs are not just music but healing tools expressed as a beautiful pieces of art and designed as a cohesive whole. The CDs are lovingly crafted with great attention to detail both musically and as a package. The music is available for download from both CD baby and I-Tunes but I prefer and recommend as the artist to get the CDs which have better audio quality and beautiful packaging which expresses and explains the healing journey each CD creates. The CDs can be put in the computer but will always be there as a backup when you want the better sound quality or if your computer gets a problem.

Thank you so much for your support!

A percentage of all CD sales is donated to organizations helping the planet.

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