Michael Moon Concert & CD Release Nov 20 2010 Review

Michael Moon Concert & CD Release Nov 20 2010 Review

Embracing audience participation right from the beginning, Michael Moon opened with a chant of “Om Shanti Om” from his CD “Deep Peace”. Then reverberations of Tibetan and crystal bowls, blending with Didgeridoo and vibraphone, created a magical atmosphere that immediately shifted the group energy into a state of soulful peace. Michael’s beautiful songs followed weaving in and out of sublime, instrumental soundscapes.

From the ancient sounds of the santoor, to dreamy guitar leads, the music always had a surprise in store, keeping the full house alternatively dancing and deeply focused. Chris Gartner’s bass held down the groove while the ‘goddesses’ Parvati, Jenn Howie, Ruth Finlay and Francoise Roy sang blissful harmonies complementing Michael’s rich voice. The first set ended with over a hundred voices filling the Sanctuary with the “Goddess Chant”.

During the break there was an abundance of healthy treats, food and drinks. It really felt like a party, especially when Michael began singing his original birthday song. Everybody joined in, as the several people who were celebrating their birthdays, blew out candles on a vegan chocolate cake.

The second set introduced Laura Nashman’s beautiful flute, blending perfectly with the entrancing melodies. The mystical sounds of Michael’s song “Unveil the Night” exploded into a rousing “Om Namah Shivaya” and the crowd went wild dancing and singing. And the drums…when Michael picked up a drum and joined the incendiary Beau Lukes and Steve Kaposey it was impossible to sit. The floor was shaking with all the dancing. A number of sweet, spiritual lullabies followed taking us deep inside and this set ended with the crowd dancing and singing to a rockin’ version of Michael’s song/chant “I Am Whole”.

Michael Moon and friends rock the Yoga Sanctuary

The show closed with a lovely circle with everyone holding hands and singing a long, playful “Om”. No one wanted to stop. One lone meditater, unable to move, sat in the centre of it all. Definitely, a very magical night at The Yoga Sanctuary.

Posted by Brian from The Yoga Sanctuary Blog December 10, 2010


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