Saturn Pluto Jupiter and the 2020 Pandemic

Saturn Pluto Jupiter and the 2020 Pandemic

Saturn Pluto and the fear of a Pandemic. written for facebook March 11 2020

I felt compelled to share what I feel is an important understanding of the fear buzz going on right now. The deeper reason is not this mutated virus itself but to recognize this outbreak is a trigger for an energy that we have been collectively resisting for a long time.

We have been over expanded energetically for years and with this Pluto Saturn conjunction in Capricorn strong now for over a year and continuing till the end of 2020 the collective energy has been trying to contract, pull inward and focus. I’ve been telling my friends invested in the stock market to be careful for over a year because this is a cycle of contraction and the markets will likely ‘collapse’ from their over inflated state. Well, here we now are. We needed a trigger for this contractive energy to break in and pop the false optimism bubble and this virus has been that trigger.

To break the fear we must understand this is a natural cycle, which is a time to collectively cut the crap and see what’s important. It is a time to stop the over expanding, pushing, building business’, getting more stuff, making more money etc. and come home to ourselves and tune into what’s truly important. When we accept this contractive energy, this time can be very useful. It’s a time to contemplate our actions. See how the over expansive energy has been destroying our planet and separating us from each other. This over expansive energy can even be disconnecting us from God, our source. For we can feel anything is possible when over expanded and forget to be humble and focus our connection to source through a spiritual discipline.

There will be a time for expansive energy again soon enough but in life and nature both expansion and contraction must be equal and they have been way out of balance in our culture. This kind of imbalance calls in something to pull it back in place and for now we are lucky it is just this little virus.

We are in a time where Saturn energy rules and just like ones personal Saturn return it’s a time to get real let what is not serving fall away and start to work hard and focus. The shadow of the Saturn Pluto energy of this time is fear and we need to avoid buying into the collective fear of lack, fear of disease, fear of each other, fear of death. Instead it’s a time to be disciplined and see the big picture. Maybe it’s a good thing that we stop running around and realize how a simple action like going out with a cough can affect so many people. All our actions always do affect so many but we are often oblivious of it.

Please my friends don’t buy into the fear but don’t fight the energy either. It’s ok to contract and pull in from time to time. In this energy it is a wonderful and productive time to meditate at very least.

Pluto Jupiter and the Full Pandemic. written for facebook April 1 2020

The pandemic began in January at the peak of the Saturn Pluto cycle in Saturn’s own sign of Capricorn creating a huge limitation and restriction of our collective energy that had been building for a good year previously. Interestingly the first case was discovered in China the day Jupiter also entered Capricorn, contracting his normally expansive energy.

Since then at the time of the spring equinox Jupiter and mars joined Saturn and Pluto and the pandemic exploded all over the world. Mars tends to trigger events and Jupiter expands what it touches, which in this case along with expanding the spread of the virus it increased the need for contraction. Why wouldn’t Jupiter help us deal with the saturnine contraction now? Because he is stuck in his least favorite place to be, Capricorn. So Jupiter is just adding fuel to the fire at this point. This coming weekend April 3-5 is a key moment of peak energy for all this as Jupiter and Pluto join in the sky. Though it’s hard because of the explosive energies involved we must contain ourselves and focus this energy into the power to move through this together. This could be a peak moment of the virus’s spread over the next few weeks into an eventual containment. Though we will likely see more triggers of this energy in the fall when Saturn Pluto and Jupiter align together again. In the past these cycles have often coincided with wars so we are lucky right now we are not fighting each other, though we are still fighting an invisible enemy. Maybe we need to stop and listen to what this virus has to say to us.

As Jupiter aligns with Pluto this weekend expect a pressure cooker of energy. We are all pent up right now, quite literally. Try not to let it blow up in your personal life. Use this energy to really penetrate to the depths of the issues in your personal life and the world condition. Saturn and Mars have both just entered Aquarius, another Saturn ruled sign, so the energy is shifting but is not over yet. We are in a gateway between the old and new. At the end of the year we will have the opportunity to birth a new way of being, as a 200 year cycle ends and a new one begins, with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on Dec 21st. With its square to Uranus we should expect it to be a rocky beginning but one that really shakes up the old materialistic order.

Until then we have a rough road ahead. I still feel we need to stay humble and accept the contraction energies despite Jupiter and Mars pushing for action. Use these energies for inner work and by next year we will have time for sharing all the creations, inspirations and hard work done during this inward time. Even though it is very hard to sit on this energy we must act wisely and with caution at this time, for these current energies can bring danger with their unskillful expression.

My Prayers go out to all those on the front lines of this. From my safe cozy home I know it is not easy out there! There is a lot of suffering coming from this situation, which is especially hitting the poorest populations. But a virus knows no boundaries and can infect us all and shows our equality through our vulnerability to be touched by this, from physically to economically. It also affects me personally in many ways, as it does us all. None of us can escape this but we can accept the challenge and use it to heal and grow. Though this time has been difficult for me I have found it to be a deep relief as well, for I had already been in self-isolation since Christmas as I could feel the energies contracting in and fighting that pull was making me sick. So I surrendered to it. Now the whole world is with me and I don’t feel so alone, funny but true.

Capricorn into Aquarius is the main energy flow of this year. We will likely look back on this period as the final shift from the industrial age to the information age. We can see this shift all around as we turn to our computers in frustration and delight trying desperately to connect and continue our businesses and lives digitally. Working from home on line, learning on line, parties on line, doctors on line etc. The Internet is a very Aquarian phenomenon and as the Aquarian energies increase expect a new renaissance in technology and how it can connect us all in a new way. Aquarius is connected globally, but not so good at intimacy, so of course there is a downside to us all being so plugged in. Expect 5g to be rolling out big time after this, which along with its benefits of being more instantly connected all the time, will likely have many problems as well. It is interesting to note the areas where Covid19 hits with the most damage seem to coincide with cities that were early adopters of 5g! The correlation maps I’ve seen are quite compelling though not yet proven. This needs more research and hopefully will be looked at seriously as Saturn passes through Aquarius. Certainly it would make sense with Saturn in Aquarius that there will be problems associated with the new technologies that will cause delays and struggle to get over. Including right now my slow Internet connection due to so much online traffic that blocks me from sharing live easily. There may also be issues with vaccines we will need to be wary of as they will likely be too quick to push something not stable or safe yet on the population with a backlash, likely in the fall.

Ultimately the world will be different when all this is done. We will be much more wired into the matrix for good or bad. But we will also be much more aware of our global family and how our actions affect everybody. We are truly learning that no one is separate. Humanity will have gone through a crisis together as one. This is something that has never happened before in recorded history. For this unknown period we have been almost stopped dead in our tracks, together. No running around, shopping, working, pushing for more, more, more. We have time to take stock of the sickness in our culture and see what needs to change for us to survive as a species. Take this time out and honour it while its here.

As Saturn moves into his other home sign of Aquarius we have the themes of discipline for the good of all and the restriction and containment of freedom. So we see all the rules and structures we have to follow now to help stop the spread of the virus. All this new discipline might feel annoying, even scary, like we are heading into a totalitarian state, but they are part of the natural cycles which call us together in a disciplined way for the good of all at this transitional time. A powerful way to align with the positive side of the Saturn in Aquarius energy is the discipline of group meditation for the collective good.

I have noticed there are several calls for Global meditations this weekend. I full heartedly encourage everyone to join in the beautiful celebration of love we have the opportunity to create by holding the powerful energies of this time in a humble and sacred way. In this way these planetary alignments can work their positive potential in us for an unearthing, deep transformation and clearing of the sickness and shadow in our society and individually.

While we morn all those dying and suffering worldwide right now it is also important to take note of something Gabor Mate said recently. “There is a preventable condition that kills 800,000 people in Europe every year, 15,000 in Canada and 8,000,000 around the world. It’s air pollution. These are the facts.” Wow! I certainly hope this virus never gets anywhere near as bad as air pollution! But funny enough it’s done the opposite. It’s cleaning up the air pollution! How? By shutting our factories down, stopping us driving and flying everywhere all the time etc. There is a huge decrease in air pollution around the world due to this virus. Through this situation we are seeing what we can collectively accomplish when we must due to an emergency. And our current state of humanity’s imbalance with the Earth is quickly reaching a state of emergency, which is likely being expressed with this virus.

This can be seen in the new Planet Eris, which represents the feminine warrior spirit, strongly hitting Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all year. This represents the environmental crisis we are facing and acts as a wake up call to all earth warriors that it’s time to act.

The ultimate nature of Capricorn is responsibility, hard work and building structures that go beyond the individual. It’s a sign of going beyond oneself and planning our actions for 7 generations ahead and not just for ourselves. The ultimate nature of Aquarius is also about responsibility along with the technology and ideas that build a better world and especially connecting humanity as one global community. These are the opportunities we have if we really step up to this challenge at this time and move through the gateway of 2020. We can really wake up to humanities impact on the Earth and how we are all connected and start to make disciplined changes in our lives and society. It will be a tough year but by next year we have the potential to be experiencing the beginning signs of the fabled age of Aquarius though this is a long process that goes beyond our lifetimes. But I am sure we will start to see amazing new inventions to clean our planet and new ways of generating clean energy coming soon on the Aquarian wave.

Finally I’d like to end on a magical note. On April 3rd there will be a rare and beautiful Conjunction of Venus entering the special 7 star cluster of the Pleiades. This is not a traditional astrological moment but one I feel is significant and brings some love, light and magic to this time. The Pleiades are a star cluster that has mystical mythologies in most ancient cultures. Some even believe it is the home of a benevolent race helping humanity. I certainly have always loved the sparkling magic of this little group of stars ever since I was a child. Even the bible mentions the 7 stars held in Christ’s right hand. Also in the Bible we hear Christ referred to as the morning star, which is another name for Venus. Venus, as the archetype of love, is strong in Taurus, where the Pleiades reside. There is something almost Biblical about this rare occultation of Venus penetrating right into the heart of the Pleiades. It is something we can see, if it’s clear, so look west in the fading twilight over the next few days for the bright light of Venus entering the sparkling Pleiades .

So may we all collectively pray with a humble heart for a gentle transformation of our outmoded ways of being into a more harmonious relationship with each other, Earth and the divine at this difficult but very special time.

Love, health and Blessings,

Michael Moon


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    Thank you Michael. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night. Your beautiful sounds will bring us all together for some much needed healing.

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    This is a gift of awareness, offered freely thank you, and re- mind- ing us to hold the over view, “without vision, the people perish”.

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    Thank you! Very useful for this uncertain times

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    Hi Michael,
    Just listened to your song ‘We are the Light’, before reading the blog.
    Thank you! I figure that this year 2020 is ‘The Year of Vision‘
    How delightful are the dynamic-angel-visuals that accompany your
    wonderful singing message! It is my deepest wish, that our species
    can clearly ‘see’ it’s heavy footprint on this planet, and cooperatively ‘lighten’ its ways. Your blog, and your song are indeed motivating.
    elizabeth (painter of angels… sometimes)… & perhaps more now.

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      Awesome to hear so happy you found it inspiring


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