A Sign of the Times: Insights and pictures of the great Saturn Jupiter conjunction 2020

A Sign of the Times: Insights and pictures of the great Saturn Jupiter conjunction 2020

As 2020 comes to a close the Saturn Jupiter ‘great’ conjunction is closing in. Perfecting on Winter Solstice Dec 21 at 3:30 pm est. This truly is a sign of the times. Since ancient times these planets cycles were followed closely as a sign of where the bigger patterns of society were at. They come together every 20 years showing the colour of each generation of society. They also change the element of the sign they are in every 200 years showing the colour of the bigger cycles of society. At this time they are coming together at 0 degrees of Aquarius a very potent shift and sign of the times. For the past 200 years they have been lining up in earth signs (except for one) signifying what we could call an age of materialism. Its been called the industrial age, an age where the material side of life has been more at the forefront. With this new conjunction at the very beginning of Aquarius we enter a new age. An air ruled Aquarian themed age we could expect to see as an age of information, an age of humanity, an age of reason. This is a huge shift of themes in our society at large. I would expect to see the world much more connected (and disconnected) with computer and AI technologies. New clean power technologies, new understandings of the universe and our place in it. More freedom, yet less privacy. Less ownership and more communal societal structures. This coinciding with the much talked about and relatively misunderstood entering of the over 2000 year Aquarian precessional year as well adds even more energy to this moment in time. So why have things been so crazy? We are likely seeing the death struggle of an outworn way of being that our whole society has invested in for over 200 years. This past year with the alignment of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn has been a huge transformative focus on all that is not sustainable and working from this old materialistic way of being. Those invested in the old ways are fighting for there lives, or at least their way of life, to continue. But there is no fighting these cycles. The new energy will eventually prevail and its right on schedule to see such a resistance to it as the pressure builds. In my opinion the whole situation around COVID is just a trigger to help us move forward into a new, more sustainable, more humane way of being together on this planet. We needed a catalyst for change and this is it.


Will we see an instant shift? No, but there will be some major shifts forward as 2021 unfolds. As the new year starts Uranus will line up with Mars (On Jan 20 Uranus is lit up by both Mars and the Moon) squaring off the newly freed Saturn Jupiter in Aquarius. This is huge. To me it means the old energies digging in their heels can not prevail. Uranus in Taurus is like an earthquake pushing movement into what has been stuck, with Mars triggering it. Challenging yet supporting a new Saturn now in his other home sign of Aquarius. There will likely be a huge polarization and standoff with the old materialistic ways of being digging in and fighting for their lives but the new Aquarian vision and freedom will be stronger here I believe. But it is very explosive and potentially dangerous during the standoff. Let reason prevail and try not to get pulled into the polarization being sold as truth. It is important to see the bigger picture and find our own connection to truth and not to blindly take on the truths we are told without our own discrimination and reason (Aquarius).


To add to this there is A solar Eclipse on Monday Dec 14 that will trigger the illusions and disinformation with a square to Neptune. As well as rage and righteousness  being triggered. There are those that are scared of the big shift about to happen and will do anything to stop it. Don’t let yourself be pulled into that drama. On this special new moon Use the energy to dream in your perfect ideal world and be inspired by new ideas or visions of what the future could be and what part you could play in bringing that vision forth.


Then as we enter this darkest time of the year leading up to the Solstice unplug, be still and allow the new winds of change to blow through your life. Let it inspire your own personal new way of being that is more in alignment with your values and a sustainable collective evolution of humanity with this precious Earth of which we are a part. This is a potent moment to seed our new visions for a better world.

Pictures of Jupiter and Saturn getting close early Dec 2020

Saturn and Jupiter with the full moon fall 2020

Header picture: A self portrait with Jupiter and Saturn getting close with the full moon. Fall of 2020


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