Writings on Sound Healing, Astrological insights, my experiences with Autism, the creation of the music, wisdom from my healing journeys and more.

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Saturn Pluto Jupiter and the 2020 Pandemic

Saturn Pluto and the fear of a Pandemic. written for facebook March 11 2020 I felt compelled to share what I feel is an important understanding of the fear buzz going on right now. The deeper reason is not this mutated virus itself but to recognize this outbreak is a...

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Super Moon Eclipse Astrology and My Journey to Earth

​This Sunday September 27 2015 the full moon is extra special. It is called a 'super' moon because it is the closest it gets to earth which makes it about 14% bigger than normal. It is also in perfect alignment with the earth and sun creating an eclipse. these 2...

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Autistic/Artistic… My Journey

Below are some writings I have done for conferences and magazines on my Experiences with Autism and how it has actually been a beautiful part of my Life as an artist and how I have worked with the difficult sides. EnjoyIt may come as a surprise to some but I was...

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The Healing Power of Sound and Music

Music is "an invitation into the mysteries of the human soul." Frederick DeliusIn ancient times music was solely in the realm of the mystical, magical, healing, and ceremonial. When there were no CDs and record companies all music was a-live played by people for...

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Michael Moon Concert & CD Release Nov 20 2010 Review

Embracing audience participation right from the beginning, Michael Moon opened with a chant of “Om Shanti Om” from his CD “Deep Peace”. Then reverberations of Tibetan and crystal bowls, blending with Didgeridoo and vibraphone, created a magical atmosphere that...

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